About NM Wheels

The Wheels Program of Greater New Milford is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit providing donation based transportation to senior and ADA individuals to non-emergent medical appointments.

New Milford Wheels Program

These rides grant a level of independence they might not have otherwise and are necessary to maintain their health at a time in their lives where they might not have the ability to transport themselves. Helping provide accessibility to necessary medical treatment where no comparable service exists is vital.
We continue to refine our role within our community and feel so grateful to constantly be reminded about how important our senior community is. We take every day as a lesson in empathy, compassion, and inclusivity and hope that we can provide an example of how each one of us can value our aging and disabled community members.

The Wheels Program of Greater New Milford, Inc.
Board of Directors
President Leonardo Ghio
Vice-President Rui Anderson-Sousa
Treasurer Erin Baldwick
Secretary Dorothea Gruber
Directors (alphabetically) Carrie Lee Bunblasky
Eleanor Covelli
Shelley Scalzo
Marianne Tarby
Jess Umbarger

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality transportation for senior citizens and citizens with disabilities in the Greater New Milford area to their non-emergency medical appointments. We offer our clients the opportunity to maintain their independence while providing a valuable service.
Use our contact form to reach us for a ride or to contribute time or money!

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